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Anti-Black racism: What mental health workers need to know in order to work with the Black community in clinical/organizational practice

diverse representation - Anti-black racism

Anti-Black racism has had a lot of attention in the media. This attention has sparked a movement to eradicate racial disparities within systemic institutions. However, here in Canada we tend to feel uncomfortable discussing racism, let alone anti-Black racism. Black mental health challenges are on the rise. We need to commit to acknowledging and challenging racial disparities in mental health organizations.

COVID-19 has caused harm to many and has severely compromised racialized communities. Racial disparity, marginalization, and social inequity play a role in the amount of racialized communities impacted by COVID. Fatigue and mental health challenges are on the rise. Not only are they affecting racialized communities, but it is also having a significant impact on everyone’s level of stress and emotional stability. This is relevant because fatigue, stress, and mental health challenges impact our ability to effectively support one another. It also touches on, yet another challenge racialized Black communities face This while simultaneously dealing with oppression, marginalization, racism, and inequity.

In this webinar, participants will engage in experiential learning through case conceptualization, role playing, reflexive conversation, and videos. They will also be able to unpack anti-Black racism and the lived experiences of the Black diaspora. Explore and understand systemic barriers. This training will help participants to identify and challenge their own biases and stereotypes as well as understand challenges faced by their Black colleagues and clients.

What our learners have to say about this training

“This workshop was excellent. One unique element of this workshop is the spotlight on the history of racism in Canada. It took a deep dive into how racism is embedded in our institutions here at home. It’s shocking how much of this information is completely omitted in our education. I’ve been learning that tackling racism requires emotion, and these stories and stats about racism in Canada really evoked emotion for me.”

– Dr. Lauren David, C. Psych., Attendee, Anti-Black Racism: What mental health workers need to know in order to work with the Black community in clinical/organizational practice, facilitated by Janelle Campbell, MSW, RSW.