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Certificate in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for eating disorders: Adolescents

Part 1 (with special guests Anne Williams, RD, and Dr. Jennifer Couturier)

The demand for eating disorder (ED) treatment has never been greater. Over the course of the pandemic, the number of people suffering from an ED and seeking professional help has increased substantially. Waiting lists for hospital programming and for private eating disorder centres are exceptionally long. As EDs are chronic in nature, highly debilitating, and associated with extremely high mortality rates, those affected by them can’t afford to wait.

This practical, hands-on workshop provides health-care providers with foundational training in eating disorders. Participants can expect a focus on the latest clinical research on causal and maintaining factors, assessment guidelines, and foundational psychoeducation to improve early detection, treatment, and referral when needed. 

Part 2

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) provides a comprehensive and multi-modal framework for managing emotion regulation difficulties and high-risk behaviours in the context of an eating disorder. This workshop will focus on how DBT has been adapted for adolescents and families who have not responded to standard approaches. Participants can expect a focus on enhanced case conceptualization, commitment strategies, and direction on how to integrate DBT with FBT. This workshop will include large and small group discussion, role-play, and ready-to-use client handouts. 

This training is designed for clinicians who have foundational DBT knowledge and experience.