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Couple and family therapy: The therapist’s use of self and being the catalyst for change

Couple and family therapy: The therapist's use of self and being the catalyst for change

In this practice-oriented, two-day training program, several effective and creative ways therapists can use themselves to get unstuck and be the catalysts for change with their toughest couple and family clients. The therapist’s use of self-toolkit presented includes the following: crafting bold and intriguing questions, the use of metaphor, humor, playfulness, absurdity, storytelling, couple and family choreography, and several idea-generating strategies for co-designing therapeutic interventions with our clients.

Participants will learn effective ways to expand their therapeutic range by bringing in ideas from outside the world of psychotherapy, such as from the fields of art, theatre, music, literature, and philosophy as resources for inspiration and intervention design. Participants will leave this program feeling inspired, energized and more daring and confident working outside their comfort zones with their most challenging clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Craft bold and intriguing questions 
  • Prospect for and utilize metaphors and creative ideas from fields outside of our profession for intervention design 
  • Use of idea-generating strategies to co-construct solutions with our clients