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Creative interventions to assess and treat school refusal

anxious child showing signs of school refusal

Anxiety and school refusal is still on the rise. This is a particular concern due to the impact on emotional, academic, social, and family functioning. The longer a child avoids or misses school, the more likely it will become entrenched, and will be more difficult to treat. It is important to assess the reasons underlying the child’s refusal. Therefore, implementing an effective treatment plan for that child.

This webinar will present innovative assessment and treatment interventions for school refusal. The most efficacious treatment for school refusal in the research is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Integrating engaging activities will enhance the CBT approach so children will more readily participate in treatment and learn key skills.

This three-hour webinar will use case examples, activity demonstrations, and experiential exercises. It will combine theoretical material with hands-on therapeutic techniques for use with children aged 4 to 12. Participants will better understand the most common factors underlying school refusal and be able to implement techniques to assess it. They will learn to describe methods for fostering treatment readiness in anxious children. The facilitator will review how to implement a gradual exposure plan and discuss effective strategies for use by parents and teachers.