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Cultivating your credibility and influence as a supervisor

Cultivating credibility and influence showing person building blocks representing support team

One of the key challenges in any supervisory role is to engage people in such a way that staff choose to trust and respect you. This webinar focuses on what you can do as a supervisor to create the conditions for a beneficial and positive working relationship with others.  

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the key practices and skills to effectively building trust and influence 
  • Lead meetings and projects in such a way that there is real engagement and commitment to outcomes  
  • Get clear about how values and needs are addressed in decisions   
  • Understand how to communicate all decisions effectively (including the ones you didn’t make, but are yours to implement)  
  • Recognize the necessity and the how-to of apologies for repairing relationships (and how doing so demonstrates your commitment to being accountable, and having integrity)

This webinar is part of the Certificate for new supervisors: Develop and enhance your supervisory skills in health and human services. Participants may register for any of the certificate program’s individual webinars as a stand-alone training.