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Effective therapeutic support for autistic and neurodiverse youth and adults: Where mental health and neurodiversity meet

Effective therapeutic support for autistic and neurodiverse youth and adults

This presentation will explore a merge of concepts and supports when therapeutically supporting individuals who have mental health concerns and are also neurodivergent. This workshop will offer opportunities to challenge what you already know to have an open and honest conversation about the broader systems that sustain gaps, and what this means for those directly involved with supporting the mental health of neurodiverse folks.

There will be an exploration of evidence-based practices and discussions around how/if the practices that we utilize are appropriate for neurodiverse populations, and/or how to inform a neurodiverse lens. The concept of neuro-affirming care will include conversation around what it is, how to engage in being neuro-affirming, and other important considerations. There will be opportunities to reflect on suicide intervention and risk management, as well as a focus on reflexivity.

Learning objectives:

  • To challenge the norms of mental health and neurodiversity as separate entities
  • Tangible ways to incorporate practices that are sensitive to many neurodivergent needs 
  • An eagerness to learn more