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Emotion dysregulation in the family: Clinical interventions for family members of youth with emotion dysregulation

family learning working on emotion dysregulation

This training will focus on clinical interventions for family members of youth with emotion dysregulation. It will provide both education and intervention strategies for working with family members and focus on ways to support families who struggle with chronic relationship challenges due to emotion dysregulation.

Participants will review evidence-informed treatments such as EFFT and DBT-oriented approaches in both supporting and intervening with family members. Participants will be asked to engage in self-reflection and will be provided with the space for live role plays, as well as live discussions.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand clinical interventions with family members of those struggling with emotion dysregulation. This is done through live discussion, self reflection and videos
  • Increase their competency in incorporating emotion regulation strategies into family work
  • To build capacity in educating families on the importance of emotion in managing big problems