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Empowering our clients to flourish: Integrating Positive Psychology into your clinical practice

happy family empowering clients to flourish with positive psychology

How can I empower my clients to become more resilient and optimistic when faced with stressful life events? What can I do to help my clients find more purpose and meaning in life? Positive Psychology offers many research-based tools and strategies for helping clients improve quality of and significant relationships in their lives. Positive Psychology research indicates that life satisfaction is strongly associated with the following:

  • having and regularly sharing gratitude with others
  • optimism and possessing a positive outlook for the future
  • curiosity and a zest for life
  • being able to establish and maintain strong social connections with others

Assisting clients in generating a more positive emotion in their lives will help neutralize negative thoughts and feelings. Therefore, increase their optimism, hope, and happiness levels. This practice-oriented training will examine how to apply the major therapeutic tools and strategies of Positive Psychology to clinical work with children and youth, adults, couples, and families. Furthermore, the facilitator will present how to use these methods in schools and in other practice settings.