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Depression in adolescents: Evaluating “acting out behaviour” – mad, bad or sad?

Mad, Sad, or Bad? The role of depression in youth acting out behaviour

Depression is both a contributor to and symptom of “acting out” behaviour in youth. This webinar will provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating “acting out”. Signs and symptoms of depression, the difference between normal sadness and clinical disorder, and the causes of and treatment options for depression will be outlined. Changes in the adolescent brain that contribute to risk-taking will be explained. Stigma as a barrier to help-seeking and best practices in referring to psychiatry will be also clarified.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how changes in the teenage brain account for impulsivity, reward-seeking, and risk-taking in adolescents
  • Appreciate the role of “masked depression” and irritability as contributors to acting out
  • Describe the symptoms, differential diagnosis, causes, and treatment of depression in teens
  • Develop an approach to the reduction of stigma and increase in help-seeking in teens