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Preventing burnout and connecting to meaning: An acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach for early career professionals

butterfly flying out of hands for preventing burn out with ACT

This is a hard time to start a career as a helping professional. The global pandemic has increased the demand for services, and more people are struggling. Health-care professionals are experiencing high levels of burnout, and some are leaving the field. Yet, your call to serve others is strong and the need is great.

Facing the pain in others while you are still learning the ropes is challenging, and burnout is real. How do you encounter the pain of others without getting overwhelmed, and how do you take care of yourself along the way? How do you meet the challenge to grow professionally while you also leave room for the rest of your life? And how do you ensure that what you are doing connects most deeply to your heart?

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) may provide a framework for responding to these questions. This highly interactive webinar will introduce early career professionals, to the basics of ACT, an extensively-researched model of behaviour change used in health care, business, coaching, sports psychology, and psychotherapy to relieve suffering and build a life of purpose.

Join us and set your compass toward the most meaningful, rewarding, and balanced work life you can build as you gain the skills to

  • better identify what they can and cannot control in thoughts and feelings, in work life, and relationships
  • show up to pain – worries, stress, anger, or sadness – with kindness and compassion
  • disentangle from thoughts that consume mental space and direct away from compassionate self-care and meaningful action
  • tune into most deeply held values. Identify actions to take in the service of them, even when things are hard