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Secure parent, secure child: How a parent’s adult attachment influences the attachment of the child

Secure Parent, Secure Child: How a parent's adult attachment influences the attachment of the child

Research by Dr. Mary Main demonstrates that if you know the adult attachment of the parent, you can predict the attachment of the child with a high degree of accuracy. For example, if a parent has an insecure adult attachment, their child is likely to have an insecure attachment as well. If this is the case, why do therapists and counsellors continue to teach parenting techniques rather than helping the parent develop a secure adult attachment? Without integrating their understanding of their own adult attachment, unresolved issues from their childhood will prevent parents from creating a secure parenting environment, which is essential for secure infants and children.

This training will focus on how to assess for adult attachment, how to help a parent understand their adult attachment category and how their attachment affects their parenting, examining positive and adverse qualities. Parenting interventions will be offered to help parents ensure a more in-depth and lasting model of healthy parenting.

This is a valuable and non-judgmental approach to ensure that all children have the potential to become secure adults and for parents with insecure adult attachment to develop better self-understanding and parenting skills. Case examples and interactive exercises will be presented.

Learning objectives:

  • Categories of adult attachment based on the research of Dr. Mary Main
  • How each category affects parenting
  • Determining categories of attachment through patterns of behaviour
  • How to help parents understand their attachment category and specific interventions for change
  • How to help parents develop parenting skills from a secure attachment base

Prerequisite: Knowledge on child attachment

Participants will have an option to purchase Annette Kussin’s latest book, Secure Parent, Secure Child: How a Parent’s Secure Attachment Shapes the Attachment of the Child (2023) for a discounted price!