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Supporting Indigenous clients: Understanding the neuroscience of trauma and resilience

This comprehensive training delves into the neuroscience of trauma and the intergenerational effects of colonization on Indigenous people in Canada. Participants will explore the historical context of Indigenous health care and its relationship to intergenerational trauma. The webinar will illuminate the connections between trauma, biomedical disease, and addiction, while introducing Indigenous healing paths and resilience-building strategies from a neurobiological perspective.

Participants will gain valuable insights into Indigenous approaches to healing and building resilience, enabling them to support and advocate for culturally informed wellness practices. The training focuses on:

  • The neuroscience of toxic stress and its impact on overall health and well-being
  • A deeper understanding of Indigenous peoples in Canada, including trauma specific to their experiences and its link to biomedical disease and addiction
  • Neurobiologically-based healing and resilience-building strategies for Indigenous clients, emphasizing the crucial role of relationships and culture in fostering healthy families and communities

This training equips healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools to offer culturally sensitive and effective support to Indigenous clients, promoting holistic healing and resilience.