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Working with 2SLGBTQIA+ youth

2SLGBTQIA+ flag mental health and substance use

Working with youth in a mental health setting has a number of challenges on its own; adding in the complexities of youth exploring their sexual and gender identities can seem overwhelming.

This webinar will review the developmental stages that children go through and how they relate to gender and sexuality. We will discuss the nuances of allowing children to explore versus enforcing societal norms, and the implications of these choices.

Participants will learn how to work with families of children who are exploring or questioning their sexuality and gender, and how you can help them navigate these complicated topics.

Guided by Jennifer Thomson and Michelle Bridgman, participants will explore:

  • Developmental process of developing gender and sexual identities in youth
  • How to help youth navigate their gender and sexual identity exploration in healthy and meaningful ways
  • How to help parents cope with and support children who are exploring their identities