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Certificate in attachment-focused adult psychotherapy: Advanced course

human head with blocks showing therapist shifting blocks for adult attachment

Enhance your therapeutic practice with a deep understanding of adult attachment theory. This advanced course offers invaluable insights for all therapists, providing a non-judgmental and hopeful approach to addressing clients’ self-perception and relationship issues.

This comprehensive training will empower you to:

  • Gain expertise in assessing adult attachment categories
  • Learn an attachment-focused therapeutic model with specific strategies for each category
  • Understand the neurology of adult attachment and its application to mental health diagnoses
  • Improve your therapeutic relationships by recognizing your own attachment style
  • Develop skills to help clients achieve secure adult attachment or earned security
  • Apply attachment paradigms to common mental health issues, including BPD
  • Enhance your ability to create meaningful change through the therapist-client relationship

This comprehensive program will equip you with advanced tools and knowledge to transform your practice and significantly improve client outcomes. Gain a deeper understanding of secure and insecure adult attachment, and learn how to effectively guide your clients towards healthier, more satisfying relationships.