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Learning Institute

Learner Testimonials

Learning Institute

What our learners have to say about our courses

“This workshop was excellent. One unique element of this workshop is the spotlight on the history of racism in Canada. It took a deep dive into how racism is embedded in our institutions here at home. It’s shocking how much of this information is completely omitted in our education. I’ve been learning that tackling racism requires emotion, and these stories and stats about racism in Canada really evoked emotion for me.”

– Dr. Lauren David, C. Psych., Attendee, Anti-Black Racism: What mental health workers need to know in order to work with the Black community in clinical/organizational practice, facilitated by Janelle Campbell, MSW, RSW.

“Anita Federici is amazing, I would love to learn more from her. She is so passionate and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed this; I learned a lot and am inspired to start implementing and teaching this in the inpatient setting.”

– Zoe Powell, RN, Attendee, DBT for eating disorders: Essentials for adolescent treatment across levels of care, facilitated by Anita Federici, Ph.D., C.Psych., FAED
happy group of youth

“Christine Felgueiras was very helpful and answered my questions with amazing tips! There was a good variety of audio, visual plus Q&A in the webinar. The slide deck ahead of time gave us an idea of what to expect. Plus, she offered to have additions of her presentation in PDF emailed to the attendees afterwards too. In the transition from virtual to in-person, this content is so vital to my current work as a facilitator.”

– Christine Chiu, Peer Support Navigator, Attendee, High-impact presentation skills: Speak with impact and presence, facilitated by Christine Felgueiras
clapping group of people at a high impact presentation

“Andrea Warnick is an amazing facilitator. She delivers the content in a way that it is easy to learn and understand. Grief is such a tough subject for adults, never mind children, and it is crucial that we are consistent with our training. This certificate program offered consistency and allowed us the courage and confidence to take the materials and use them in our practices. As an End-of-Life Doula this has been such a valuable teaching and I am so grateful I have this education to help support my clients.”

– Janine Jordison, End-of-Life-Doula and Grief Support Worker, Attendee, Children’s grief and bereavement certificate program, facilitated by Andrea Warnick, RN, MA, RP
Young child with head in knees sitting against a wall

“I have quite a bit of training and knowledge in this area however I haven’t thought of it from a supervisor stance and I really appreciated that piece of this training. It is extremely applicable and beneficial.” 

– Jasmine De Fina, Human Trafficking Specialist, Attendee, Transference and countertransference in direct service work, facilitated by Natalie Zlodre, MSW, RSW
two people sihluettes showing gears in head transferring between

“I loved the way Dr. Mervyn ensured personal connection was made with the group at the beginning of the training by sharing a piece of her life.  She is knowledgeable, humble, very organized, clear and concise. She conducted the session with great presence and flow. Every opportunity that I have had, I have referred to my experience and information gained from the session.” 

– Marcia Shelton, Attendee, Understanding the neuroscience of trauma and resilience to best support Indigenous clients, facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Mervyn, MA, PhD
illustration of a brain with flowers growing

“The training was very practical. Dr. Lazar was an excellent facilitator and welcomed participants’ questions and offered helpful clinical examples and tips to enhance the material. The virtual participant small group activities were also useful. Much respect and thanks to the SickKids CCMH LI team!” 

– Kenisha Calder, Clinical Psychotherapist Student, Attendee, Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Level 2, facilitated by Dr. Noah Lazar, PhD, C. Psych.

  • “I found the webinar exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot and felt connected to the group and the facilitator. It was a wonderful experience. I loved the weave of personal stories and science, quotes, and videos. It was a great balance. Dr. Mervyn is so engaging and authentic, not to mention brilliant. It was an absolute pleasure spending the day with her. This was one of the most informative and engaging webinars I have participated in. Thank you very much!” 

    – Mandi Hickman, Attendee, Understanding the neuroscience of trauma and resilience to best support Indigenous clients, facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Mervyn, MA, PhD
  • “Andrea Warnick is so attentive to all questions and comments. She creates an inclusive atmosphere for learning and sharing. Lysa Toye was my favourite guest speaker, I found her tone and content so soothing and informational! I am particularly interested in art therapy and she deepened my interest in this mode of therapy.” 

    – Ali Darling, Student and Volunteer, Attendee, Children’s grief and bereavement certificate program, facilitated by Andrea Warnick, RN, MA, RP (with guest facilitators including Lysa Toye, MSW, RSW)