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COVID-19 Update - Important Information


If this is an emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. Click here for directions to the SickKids Emergency Department if this is the closest location for you.


If you need urgent help but don’t need to go to a hospital emergency room, click here for Crisis Centres.

About Us

Strategic Plan & Purpose

Vision: Enriching Health through Mental Health

We are pleased to launch our new Strategic Plan 2025: Enriching Health through Mental Health. This plan is comprised of six directions that will ensure we deliver on our mission to achieve transformative outcomes in child and youth mental health through collaborations, innovations, and partnerships. This work is now emboldened by the transformational gift from Garry Hurvitz that not only rebrands our organization, but enables us to bring this plan to life. 

This plan highlights the important opportunity we have as a child and youth mental health provider partnered with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to develop new, innovative treatment options for our clients who are dealing with serious and complex mental health needs – and reduce the time families wait to access these options.

It challenges us to enrich the skill set of our staff to enable them to provide even more effective – and personally customized – treatments for our clients.

It enables our growing research enterprise and strengthens our commitment to clinical measurement and evaluation to guide our response to the present and future needs of our clients.

Finally, our plan defines our commitment to embrace and understand the diversity of the communities we serve and of our staff in everything we do, enabling safe, accessible, and responsive services.   

As we launch this strategic plan, we continue to respond to the serious impact of the present pandemic on the well-being of our children, our families, and our community. With the needs of our clients and families at the centre of all that we do at The Garry Hurvitz Center for Community Mental Health at SickKids, our new Strategic Plan 2025 positions us to collaborate effectively with our SickKids colleagues and our cross-sectoral partners to enable the building of more effective services and a better system of care.  

Chris Bartha
Executive Director

Neill Carson
Clinical Director and Site Lead

September 22, 2021

Illustration of the Strategic Plan 2025, including several hands joiining together in community and the six directions in boxes

View the Strategic Plan 2025 as a PDF.