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COVID-19 Update - Important Information


If this is an emergency, dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. Click here for directions to the SickKids Emergency Department if this is the closest location for you.


If you need urgent help but don’t need to go to a hospital emergency room, click here for Crisis Centres.


Children & Families

South Asian family - smiling and sitting on their couch mom and dad with young daughter and son sitting on their laps

In this section, you will find several resources to help you support your children to develop mental wellness and resilience. You can also visit our Prevention and Early Intervention Services section for more information on the programs we offer, such as EarlyON and our Families First Parenting workshops. All of our programs and services are free.

If this is an emergency, and someone you know is having thoughts about hurting themselves or someone else, call 911, or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

Being a parent or caregiver is hard. But connection, community and information can help. At SickKids CCMH, we offer a range of resources including parenting workshops, information sessions and community-based programs.

We also know that as a parent and/or caregiver you may experience unexpected challenges, like coming to a new country, changes in relationships, life disruptions like COVID-19, separation or divorce, losses and financial problems. All have an impact on your well-being and happiness and on the well-being and happiness of your children.

Sometimes the problems seem so big that you get overwhelmed and feel that you need help, especially if one or more members of your family has a mental health problem.

We understand the importance of working with families to understand their situation, identify their strengths and resources and to develop with them a plan of action that suits their situation. Whether the place to start is with a workshop, a single session or brief therapy, longer term individual or family therapy, or participation in an intensive service providing in home, school, community and even live-in support – we offer a range of responses that allows families to develop solutions that make sense for them. Learn more about our services.

Getting help starts with a phone call

Please call our Mental Health Access Program at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 to discuss service options for your family.

You can also access our Individual and Family Services through Toronto’s central point of access for children’s mental health Mental Health T.O. our Intensive Services for Children or Intensive Services for Youth through Centralized Access to Residential Services (C.A.R.S.) at 416-482-7884. These services can also tell you about other service options that are available in the City of Toronto and might be located nearer to your home or more suited to your particular situation.

  • Parent Information Sheets

    See this link for information sheets about mental health issues and strategies for addressing them.

    Learn More
  • Useful Links for Parents

    This is a list of parenting resources, outlining groups and support in the community.

    Learn More
  • Learning Through Play

    The Learning Through Play (LTP) materials developed at SickKids CCMH emphasizes play to promote learning and attachment.

    Learn More