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Innovations in child and family therapy certificate program

adults at a table doing art with a child

Elevate your clinical expertise with this comprehensive four-day certificate program is designed for both seasoned professionals and those new to the field. Designed specifically for practitioners who work closely with children, adolescents, and their families, this program empowers professionals to make a lasting impact on their clients’ lives, fostering positive change and growth.

This multiple module program covers a wide range of techniques, approached and topics, including:

  • Rapport-building strategies for effective client engagement
  • Techniques for engaging resistant children and parents
  • Implementation of innovative assessment models
  • Strengthening core family therapy skills
  • Utilization of play and expressive arts techniques
  • Immersive Learning Experience

Through a blend of didactic presentations, experiential exercises, and videos of actual client sessions, this training seamlessly integrates theoretical concepts with hands-on therapeutic techniques. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the material while developing practical skills for immediate application. Upon completion of the program, participants will emerge with a wealth of new and innovative interventions for engaging, assessing, and treating children and families facing a diverse range of issues.

This comprehensive program is designed to provide you with a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Offered as a four-module/webinar certificate program, you have the flexibility to choose the learning pather that best aligns with your goals – regsiter for the full certificate program or any of the individual modules. This comprehensive program offers a well-rounded and in-depth exploration of the subject matter. Structured as a four-module/webinar certificate program, it provides the flexibility to tailor your learning experience. You can enroll in the complete program to earn your certificate, or choose to attend individual modules aligning with your specific goals and interests.

Please note: This is a four-module/webinar certificate program. You must complete all four modules to obtain the certificate. However, each of the modules may be taken on their own as a stand-alone webinar training.

The initial phase of therapy is perhaps the most important as it forms the foundation for successful ongoing work. An atmosphere of safety must be created in which the child is made to feel accepted, understood, and respected. A comprehensive assessment needs to be conducted so that an appropriate treatment plan can be developed. This module will focus on the beginning phase of therapy, namely, how to build a positive therapeutic rapport, engage resistant children and teens, conduct a comprehensive assessment, and develop tailored treatment plans. Participants will learn creative rapport-building techniques and an innovative model for assessing children and teens.   

This module delves into the therapeutic value of game play. Providing guidance on criteria for game selection and equipping participants with basic skills in bringing puppets to life. Participants will learn the steps to writing therapeutic stories and integrating metaphors. As well as articulating guidelines for processing client artwork. Additionally, the training covers the implementation of a variety of play and expressive arts techniques. Crucially, participants will gain an understanding of key processing skills to deepen their therapeutic work. Therefore enhancing their ability to facilitate meaningful change and growth in their clients.

This module will emphasize the benefits of involving all family members in the therapeutic process. Participants will learn how to leverage the power of family dynamics by conducting inclusive sessions that engage every member. This training will cover core therapeutic skills specific to family therapy. It will equip attendees with practical tools for navigating this unique modality. Participants will also explore strategies for overcoming common challenges and roadblocks that arise in family therapy settings.

A creative approach to mobilizing change within the family system will be a central focus. Participants will gain insights into promoting positive interactions and fostering growth by tapping into the collective strengths and resources of the family unit. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, attendees will develop the ability to facilitate meaningful transformations. They will learn how to harnes the inherent resilience and potential for growth within each family.

The use of creative techniques in child-focused family therapy provides a powerful medium for engaging all members and promoting positive family interaction. Both beginning and seasoned family therapists seeking to expand their therapeutic repertoire with innovative approaches will benefit from this training. The presenter will outline cutting-edge techniques that not only captivate and assess families but also effectively treat them as they navigate diverse challenges.

Participants will gain hands-on experience in implementing creative techniques. Techniques such as games, puppets, psychodrama, phototherapy, and storytelling within family therapy sessions. These dynamic interventions foster a collaborative and engaging environment. Allowing families to explore their dynamics and work towards growth and healing. Additionally, the training will cover strategies for seamlessly integrating creative interventions into ending sessions. This ensures a comprehensive and impactful therapeutic experience for families.