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April 28, 2022

Introducing our new client/participant experience survey

To our clients, families and caregivers,

The Garry Hurvitz Centre for Community Mental Health is committed to providing the highest possible quality of care to our clients and program participants. To help us do that, we are launching a new client/participant survey across the Centre over the next few weeks.

The survey will ask you about your experiences here so we can continue to do what we do well and to make improvements where needed.

The survey will be rolled out in stages throughout the month of May. Once your care or program area is offering the survey, your clinician or program staff will review the many ways you can access it.

Your name will not appear anywhere on the survey, and your answers are completely anonymous and confidential. Results will be reported only at a program or Centre level, and no one involved in your care or program will know how you responded.

While we hope that you will give us your feedback, whether you do the survey is entirely your decision. Saying no will not affect your access to care or services in any way.

If you have any questions, please ask your clinician or program staff.

New client? Phone us if you need services – we are here to help. Call our Mental Health Access Program at 416-924-1164 ext. 8708; we will return your call the same day or the next business day.

The Garry Hurvitz Centre for Community Mental Health at SickKids is part of the SickKids mental health continuum of services including hospital services and the TeleLink Mental Health Program which offers both urban and rural telepsychiatry virtual services – these services are open as well. 

To arrange a referral to hospital outpatient services, call the Mental Health Access Program at 416-813-7005.

For inquiries concerning services in the TeleLink Mental Health Program, call 1-877-507-7301.

For information regarding all Toronto child mental health services, visit