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Behavioural treatment of child anxiety disorders

Behavioural treatment of child anxiety disorders

This training will help clinicians better understand how and why exposure-based treatment of child anxiety works, along with practical applications on how to use these methods with children and teens.

Dr. Daniel Chorney will highlight the research that supports this evidence-based approach and how behavioural methods are used effectively in conjunction with cognitive methods to further improve outcomes in treating child anxiety. Developmental considerations will also be reviewed, specifically how to modify behavioural approaches for use with very young children (under 8), including the involvement of family members in treatment.

With the higher prevalence rate of child anxiety and related mental health concerns observed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, these methods can be disseminated to families for use at home or in schools to help children approach their fears rather than avoid them. The training will conclude with how to use these methods on various specific anxiety disorders, with time allotted for case discussions throughout.

Learning objectives:

  • Knowledge of the theory and research supporting exposure-based treatment of anxiety 
  • Understanding of how to develop and implement a basic exposure-based treatment 
  • Application of exposure-based treatments to specific anxiety disorders in children