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Using emotion theory and emotion-focused chair-work scripts in individual therapy

One of the psychological markers of anxiety, depressed mood and other emotion-based difficulties relates to difficulties with emotion processing, referring to the capacity to attend to, label, regulate, and move through emotions. When external stressors overwhelm our internal capacities, the human organism seeks out ways – consciously and unconsciously – to get relief, including via thought and behaviour patterns like self-criticism, self-interruptions and avoidance patterns. It can also become difficult to connect with healthy assertion and forgiveness, states that are essential for mental health.

This training will introduce powerful and efficient emotion-focused interventions (including but not limited to chair-work interventions) to:

  1. Transform self-criticism and emotional self-interruptions in therapy
  2. Cultivate assertive anger and forgiveness

Informed by theory and techniques from EFT and EFFT, participants will be provided with scripts and opportunities to engage with theory experientially and observe the interventions in action via video demonstration. No prior training is required. Participation can be active or passive.

Learning objectives:

  • Apply emotion-focused interventions in individual therapy
  • Describe theories for the development of self-critical and self-interruption processes
  • Explain emotion-focused change mechanisms